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KCR is a marketing and branding consulting company established in 2006 by Kecia Coby that focuses on beauty and fashion.  For over 10 years KCR has maintained a proven track record of brand building and marketing that set our clients apart. 


We work across all distribution channels and employ a comprehensive approach that assist our clients with a range of strategic services including everything from brand ideation to distribution. 


At KCR consulting our 360° collaborative approach to strategic marketing and brand development begins with your vision and ends with a unique brand experience ready to compete in today’s evolving world. 

Below are the four pillars of KCR Consulting:


Kecia brings over 15 years of corporate experience combined with an additional 10 years of consulting, enabling KCR to help brands define the right strategy to transcend trends and embrace long term value.  Whether new or an existing brand, we develop a strategy from concept development through brand implementation to ensure optimal performance in the right distribution channel. 

Brand Development

Flexibility is important. KCR is able to work with your internal design and development group to build or revitalize your brand. If this structure does not exist within your company, KCR is able to facilitate the development process by bringing in a team of industry experts in package design, product development and manufacturing to ensure your brand vision comes to fruition.

Marketing / Digital

A comprehensive understanding of both the marketplace and who your consumer is are essential to developing a successful e-commerce site and digital platforms.  KCR can work with you to develop these platforms to increase sales and elevate your customers experience.

Sales / Distribution

Creating a brand gets you half way there.  KCR works to develop a launch strategy utilizing multiple channels of distribution to get your brands into the hands of the consumer.   With relationships in Retail at both the mass and prestige level, Direct Television, and Infomercial, KCR is able to introduce your brands to the right partners for a fully integrated launch. 

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