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Image of Kecia Coby founder of KCR Consulting

Kecia Coby is a marketing and entrepreneurial professional.  Her multi-disciplinary skills include research, strategy, brand development, product development, planning, and implementation.


Kecia works to define a brands unique proposition, utilizing her experience to create a crystal clear vision.  Through market research and insight Kecia helps a company identify and truly understand both the consumer and marketplace.  She will create actionable strategies and plans that will optimally position your brand.  Once strategies are in place, Kecia can work on expanding your brand through new product introductions, starting from concept development all the way through to marketplace execution.


With 20 years of experience, Kecia has honed her marketing skills working for beauty companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Bath & Body Works, Avon, Clinique, and Borghese.   Working on successful brands such as Elizabeth Arden Ceramides and developing the overall brand and strategy for both Avon Solutions and Avon’s Anew Clinical franchise. 


In 2004 Kecia was recruited by Bath & Body Works to develop a skincare line for Dr. Patricia Wexler.  Kecia worked directly with the CEO and President on developing a comprehensive marketing plan and brand strategy.  The Patricia Wexler Skincare line was launched in 2005.   Bath & Body Works posted $54M for year 1 net revenues, breaking the launch record for a dermatologist skincare line. 


In 2006 Kecia left Bath & Body Works to pursue a consulting career.  Over the past 12+ years Kecia has consulted for large beauty corporations, celebrities and startups.  In January of 2009, Lighthouse Beauty brought Kecia’s consulting expertise on to oversea marketing, product development, advertising, and PR for its fragrance launches.  Kecia spearheaded the successful launch of Kim Kardashian’s signature fragrance and was instrumental in securing an exclusive launch with Sephora. 


In 2011 Kecia strategically aligned Walmart and Drew Barrymore to launch an exclusive color line called Flower, which successfully launched in January of 2013.  2014 - 2020 Kecia consulted with Alford & Hoff as VP of Marketing overseeing brand strategy, product development and sales, with the ultimate sale of the brand to an MLM company.  Kecia currently works on multiple projects. 


Kecia currently resides in Los Angeles with her two children.

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